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US Customs and Border Protection

Lakeland Linder International Airport is classified as a User Fee Airport by US Customs and Border Protection. As such aircraft arriving from any foreign port in the western hemisphere located south of 33 degrees north latitude or 30 degrees north latitude must have an approved overflight exemption. Aircraft arriving from foreign ports in the western hemisphere located north of 33 degrees north latitude or 30 degrees north latitude (Canada, Iceland, Greenland) and the eastern hemisphere (Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Islands of Oceania) do not require an approved overflight exemption.

All aircraft must also obtain landing rights by notifying CBP at 863-647-4870 or 863-647-4871 (Lakeland Office) or 1-800-973-2867 (Tampa Sector) at least 2 hours prior to your planned arrival into Lakeland. In general all operators will need to complete the following to obtain landing rights at Lakeland Linder International Airport.

  • Obtain an Overflight Exemption (e-mail
  • Obtain a CBP User Fee, Transponder, and Decal (
  • File your Aircraft Arrival Request (
  • The US Customs Office at Lakeland Linder International Airport is open Thursday - Monday from 11:30am to 8:00pm. Aircraft arriving outside of those times may be subject to after hours fees. Please note that a US Customs Officer is not always present during those operating hours. Should you need assistance and the Lakeland office is closed please contact the Port of Tampa Office at 1-800-973-2867. 

    Please note there are many other requirements for arrival to and departure from the United States. For additional information please visit

    For a current list of restricted or prohibited items, acceptable travel documents and other information please visit

    Non-US Citizens needing electronic I-94 or ESTA information may obtain that information at

    Non-US Citizens needing to adjust their immigration status may contact US Citizenship and Immigration Services at

    Lakeland Linder International Airport is constantly working towards our goal to have an informed and engaged citizenry. The Airport's website is just one tool developed to provide accessible information for all citizens. Please contact the Airport Administration Office at 863-834-3298 or, to advise what, if any inaccessible feature you may have encountered.