Your Airport Host! 

From the world's second largest fly-in to flying Young Eagles, the  Lakeland Linder Regional Airport is home to over 9 annual events and fly-ins. If you're looking for an airport host for your event, please call the Airport Administration Office at 863-834-3298.

SUN 'n FUN International Fly-In & Expo

SUN 'n FUN International Fly-In & Expo held its first Fly-In in 1975. Since then the event has grown to the be the second largest event of its kind in the world. The six day event brings more than 4,000 aircraft, 500 commercial exhibitors, and over 150,000 spectators to the Lakeland Airport every spring. During the week of SUN 'n FUN the Lakeland Airport becomes the world's busiest airport with over 14,000 aircraft operations with-in the span of a week. 

For more information about the event please visit SUN 'n FUN's website here.


OCT 19 - OCT 21   12 O'Clock High (RC Fly-In)  Paradise Field
NOV 10 - NOV 12  Carlisle Fall Florida AutoFest  Sun 'n Fun
JAN 26 - JAN 27  Pig-Fest  Sun 'n Fun
FEB 1 - FEB 4  Baron Bonanza Pilot Training  Airport Terminal 
FEB 23 - FEB 25  Carlisle Winter Florida AutoFest    Sun 'n Fun
MAR 09 - MAR 11  SAE Aero Design East  Paradise Field
MAR 17 - MAR 20  Red Flag (RC Fly-In)  Paradise Field
MAR 21 - MAR 24  Florida Jets (RC Fly-In)  Paradise Field
APR 10 - APR 15  Sun 'n Fun Int. Fly-In and Expo  Sun 'n Fun

Full Scale Airport Emergency Exercise
Full Scale Airport Emergency Exercise